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Blowing Off Steam (SonAmy one-shot)
Imagine hell. Probably a lot of fire and suffering with the occasional demon, right? It is the purgatory that you have wrought on only yourself because of the sins you made. And you see people you know suffering the same fate of eternal damnation and torture. You wonder how nice people like them got caught up in all the destruction. You wonder how you got caught up in all the destruction.
Well, this was not hell. He did not do anything wrong, but he was still in his personal version of the fiery pit. He was the icon of a generation, a hero if you will. Everyone looked at him as the knight in shining armor, the guardian angel that was blessed with the speed of Hermes. His smile was infectious, and many a woman and the occasional man wanted him for their own. If he was so perfect, then how could he ever suffer? One of his many supervillains or enemies? No, this was much worse. This was six preteens talking about makeup… and boys.
Poor Sonic was told to keep an eye on the Gra
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The Sonic Project - Teaser Map by SconnieSA The Sonic Project - Teaser Map :iconsconniesa:SconnieSA 4 0
Deprived of Sleep (SonAmy one-shot)
Normally, she was beauty incarnate. She had sparkling eyes that glistened like the lake at night with full moon shining down upon it. She had the cute, button nose that her lovely daughter inherited. It wasn’t as long as his, and that was probably for the better. How they embraced, it was a wonder his long beeper didn’t accidentally poke her eyes out, robbing the world of what was her beautiful eyes. She had a smile that brightened his and his daughter’s day, and soon, their newest members.
She would hopefully have her eyes and have her nose. She would look just like her mother. And her brother would look just like him; have his speed, to the best that he could to be like his father, and drive his sisters and mother crazy. He dreamed of those days. He dreamed of those days often. His twins would become part of his family, his greatest adventure. Being the impatient hero that he was, he couldn’t wait much longer for them to arrive.
But he could wait for a little
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Long Way from Home (SonAmy one-shot)
“Any plans for tonight, luv?”
“Not much. Just meeting Michael at the pub when my shift’s up. You?”
“Nothing. Well… at least not yet.”
The cheetah was about to say something to her gosling coworker, but the sound of footsteps was coming towards her and her colleague. When the duo turned around, they were about to say their usual “How may I help you?” line, but they were too surprised—stunned really—about the three men that were strolling to the front desk. It didn’t matter that international leaders would often stay in their hotel, but they didn’t have anything on the three men that were going to get helped.
The three were all dressed in black tuxedos with white undershirts and ties that matched their respective eyes. The one in the middle had black fur with red striping all over his quills and face with a tanned muzzle, red eyes, and an all-too-familiar stoic face. He had a red tie. The guy to hi
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Home Alone Tonight (SonAmy One-shot) PART 2
    “You’re turn,” she said to him.
    “Hmm?” he asked mid-sip. 
    “I told you why I’m here.  Now it’s your turn, Sonic.”
    He nodded and finished the rest of his drink.
    “Need another?” asked the bartender.
    “Please. You?” She finished off the rest of hers and nodded. “Two please, bartender.” He swiftly topped off their drinks to which the hedgehogs clinked their glasses and took a sip.
    “So you wanna know why I’m here?” he asked.
    “That and you have to--.”
    “I’m joking. I wasn’t going to run off.”
    She rolled her eyes and propped her head up on her arm. “Well?”
    He nodded.
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Home Alone Tonight (SonAmy One-shot) PART 1
    The door jingled as he opened it. He walked in and was surprised that on a Friday of all nights that this place was as quiet as it was given the time. Sure, there were a few barflies with their drinks of choice, but the low number of them must have been shocking to the owner. Or owners. Hell if he knew. This was not his usual hangout for a number of reasons, but it seemed right to be here, if not a bit clichéd.
    He strolled slowly to the bar and viewed the tavern’s atmosphere. There was what looked like an elephant celebrating his 21st birthday with all of his friends, a crying hyena face-down on the table with a big bottle of Jack Daniel’s in one hand and a shot glass in the other, a lioness at the jukebox shelling out her money just to keep playing a pop song that everyone was sick of hearing, and a few open spots at the bar’s left side. 
    He grabbed one of the stools and pulled i
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SonAmy: Blue Christmas - Epilogue
He awoke from his slumber at 3:14 in the morning.  His mouth was dry, so he got out of bed without waking her to go and fetch some water.  Heading out of the room and into the kitchen, he passed through the living room to see a Christmas tree with all kinds of colored lights up and down it, garland spiraling all the way down, and spherical ornaments all around it.  In the room, he surveyed what had happened to some of his friends. 
Knuckles and Rouge both had too much wine and were passed out on the couch.  Someone must have taken mercy on them and put a blanket on them. 
Tails had a little too much to drink as well.  Cream was sleeping closely to him on the floor.  His twin tails had wrapped around her body, and she was warm. 
Sonia and Manic had gone to their own rooms with no one to share the night with.  Manic was able to successfully ask out Mina the Mongoose for a date later in the week while Sonia had been flirtin
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SonAmy: Blue Christmas - Ch. 6
CH. 6 – What Does Your Heart Say? 
Sonic left his room, leaving Amy to think about his words as he returned to the party.  When he entered the large living room, all his guests were back to having a drink in one hand and making conversation.  Manic and Sonia both came up to him, with sad looks on their faces. 
“Sonic,” Sonia started, “we’re sorry for eavesdropping on you and Amy.”
“It’s alright,” he replied.  “I guess that’ll teach you about putting your noses where they shouldn’t.  And speaking of noses, how’s yours feeling, Manic?”
“Screw you,” Manic grumbled, still angry at Sonic for getting him twice with the door in the span of less than an hour.
“Well, you shouldn’t, A: eavesdrop like a fly on the wall, and B: be right behind a door in case it opens.”
“But otherwise, how’d it go?” Sonia asked.
“I told her e
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SonAmy: Blue Christmas - Ch. 5
CH. 5 – I Can Explain
The four walked up the stairs and were face-to-face with the door.  As Sonic reached for it, Sonia’s hand stopped him.  He quickly turned around with a confused look on his face. 
“Are you sure about this, Sonic?” she asked.  He nodded with a smirk.  “Alright.  Just remember, we’re here if you need us.”  He nodded and smiled again understandingly.  Sonic opened door with their way blocked by the Chaotix.  None of them looked impressed with the four. 
“Care to tell us what happened down there?” asked Espio.  “We heard yelling and screaming.”
“Just shedding some emotions, but I’m fine now,” said Sonic. 
“Alright…” said Vector.  “Anyway, are we going to be doing any more songs or…?”
“Yes!  I was thinking about playing the Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby numbers.”&
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SonAmy: Blue Christmas - Ch. 4
CH. 4 – Words Like Poison
As Sonic walked into his room, he flipped on the light and grabbed the back of skull, frustrated with himself.  He could hear a few murmurs from his friends about what had just transpired, and he knew he took it too far in front of them all, especially Amy.  He did not lose his cool very often, so it was a rare sight.  It was a side he never liked showing.  Man, his emotions were showing their true colors, the trouble being Sonic was having the hardest time corralling them.
What was he going to do?  Amy was not talking to him, his emotions were running more rampant than he ever could dream of doing, he got slapped twice (so hard that he swore the hand-print she dished out was still visible), and the list went on.  All he wanted was a chance to talk to her at the very least, but no, he was not getting that, and that was only adding to his frustration. 
His ears perked up at the sound of a piano playing.  With
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SonAmy: Blue Christmas - Ch. 3
CH. 3 – An Old Lover’s Advice
For the last half hour, everyone was conversing, albeit uneasily.  They were drinking some of the homemade eggnog that Cream and her mom, Vanilla, had whipped up.  They were devouring the summer-sausage and cheese platter.  But not him.  He sat alone at the bar, only halfway done with his first whiskey-on-the-rocks. 
He was devastated.  She still had not forgiven him for not being there.  But it was not his fault.  He still wanted to talk to her, but considering the way they met up for the first time in a year, her mood was off-putting and left a bad taste in his mouth… or maybe that was the whiskey. 
He did not think it was going to be easy to get her back, but he also had not prepared himself for what she was going to say back to him.  Oh, and that slap still hurt.  Heck, his face was still red from the sting of it. 
“Y’Know, Sonic, being away from all your f
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SonAmy: Blue Christmas - Ch. 2
CH. 2 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
December 24th
“Okay guys,” Sonic said.  “One last sound check.  Sonia, you’re up first.”  Sonia nodded and proceeded to let her fingers do her dirty work on a set of unsuspecting and unprepared piano keys.  The magnificent sound of her tickling the ivories would make Billy Joel and Elton John blush.  “Okay, Sonia, now you’re just showing off.”  She stopped and smiled widely.  “Manic?”  His brother proceeded to bang softly at first, but mad, organized hits and cymbal action made it sound beautiful as it was epic.  “My turn.”  Sonic’s guitar skills were second-to-none, churning out a tune that sounded exactly like Marty McFly’s rendition of “Johnny B. Goode” from Back to the Future.  When he finished, the others shook their heads.  The Chaotix were tabbed with helping ou
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SonAmy: Blue Christmas - Ch. 1
CH. 1 – Invitation
December 15th, a year later
It was a bustling house.  Houses around the world were as crazy as this one was at this time of the year.  But this home was different.  Usually houses were filled with all kinds of Christmas decorations adorning the home with a well-lit Douglas fir with too many ornaments on it… or filled rooms with simple furniture and a television somewhere in the residence.  Not this house.  There was none of that.  Despite four people living there, all the shelves were barren, the house lacked furniture, and there were no pictures hanging from the walls.  Only a few more items that were waiting to get put on the truck remained.  That was why it was crazy.  It was moving day with ten days until Christmas. 
A green hedgehog with straight-up-and-bent-forward-at-the-top spines kicked up his feet on his brother’s coffee table.  He flipped on the television to see a news
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SonAmy: Blue Christmas - Prologue
I would suggest brushing up on your knowledge of Sonic Archie characters for this story, especially considering some of the characters in this story haven’t been brought back because of the Sonic Archie Comics ret-con a few years back (Monkey Khan, Shard the Metal Sonic, etc.)  I would suggest looking them up on the Sonic wiki page.
December 24th, previous year
“Please be late!  Please be late!  Please be late!” he said himself in quick succession.  “Please be late!  Please be late!  Please b--, WHOA!”  He tried to skid to a stop, but the snow-covered pavement made it impossible to do.  CRASH!  And that was why he couldn’t stop in time to avoid a car that had just stopped in front of him at a stoplight.  He was already in a lot of pain, but being the strong hero that he was, he got up anyway and was determined to not s
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SonAmy: Affairs of State - Ch. 24 (Part 2)
***Sonic’s Reflective POV*** 
    As I look back on my life, I know that I can never go back and change it.  Are there things I wish I could’ve done differently?  Yes and no.  As much damage as Titus did to all of us, I knew that it could’ve been avoided.  Then again, if I hadn’t started all of this by first putting in an application to work for G.U.N., I probably wouldn’t have everything I have now.  Am I saying that I am in some way thankful for Max? 
    HELL NO.
    But if there was one thing that he did, it was bring us all together.  I’ll admit; I had a blast kicking some bad-guy butt at Prison Island, even if our lives were on the line.  It wasn’t the adventure that I wanted, but I shouldn’t have been too surprised that something of that magnitude happened.  Prior to Max, no foe had made me so vengeful and angry, not
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SonAmy: Affairs of State - Ch. 24 (Part 1)
Ch. 24: The Possibilities Are Never-Ending
***Sonic’s Reflective POV***
    I still think back to that night, that night where it was all over.  The plot, the crazy politician, all of it.
    Freedom.  It’s one hell of a concept.  It’s an idea that I’ve always held close to my heart.  Ever since that night, I finally felt free.  Free of him, knowing that he had what was coming to him.  I was a free man once again.  We were all free of him.  There were no more missions where I’d have to get ripped away from my favorite people.  I couldn’t say that I could leave all the politics behind, no matter how much I’ve always wanted to fully leave it.  I mean, when my mom becomes too old, it’ll be me and Amy at the planetary helm keeping freedom in place.  It’s still crazy to think that that same freedom coul
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Just a little update on what's going on. 

First off, as of 4/27, graduation is only 16 days away. I'll be out of school permanently in a couple of Saturdays, and I can't wait for it all to end. However, with less than 2 weeks until exams, that also means that I've got plenty of final project and papers to do. I know, it all sounds so wonderful

Secondly, I also wanted to give you an update on how The Sonic Project is going. As it stands, the story is around 112,211 words with 19 chapters complete. On average, that's about 5,906 per chapter. Keep in mind that's not the final word count since 1. I will need to edit the whole thing and trim the fat where needed, and 2. there are 4-5 chapters that I still need to write. And as I said before, I got exams, projects, and graduation all very soon. And I've got a family vacation out East (Boston, Gettysburg, New York, DC, Baltimore, etc.) shortly after that. Oh, and job hunting. So yeah, I have a full plate.

With all that said, I still plan on SP1 on being out sometime in late June or early July. 

Alright, I'll get out of your hair for a little bit. I will talk to y'all later, and I hope you guys can enjoy the Spring wherever you are.
I know that sports are just games. Basketball is just a game. But why do they rip my heart out every time?

Imagine hell. Probably a lot of fire and suffering with the occasional demon, right? It is the purgatory that you have wrought on only yourself because of the sins you made. And you see people you know suffering the same fate of eternal damnation and torture. You wonder how nice people like them got caught up in all the destruction. You wonder how you got caught up in all the destruction.

Well, this was not hell. He did not do anything wrong, but he was still in his personal version of the fiery pit. He was the icon of a generation, a hero if you will. Everyone looked at him as the knight in shining armor, the guardian angel that was blessed with the speed of Hermes. His smile was infectious, and many a woman and the occasional man wanted him for their own. If he was so perfect, then how could he ever suffer? One of his many supervillains or enemies? No, this was much worse. This was six preteens talking about makeup… and boys.

Poor Sonic was told to keep an eye on the Gracie and her friends while Amy dropped off the twins. Knuckles and Rouge would be looking after them tonight since Tails and Cream were not available as they were on an overdue date night, and having Chloe spend the night at Sonic’s was a great chance for them to get some needed alone time. However, if he had the chance to go back in time, Sonic would instantly say “no” to Gracie, Chloe, and their friends sleeping over.

In the meantime, Sonic was lounging on the couch in apparent torture. He promised Amy that he would look after the girls, but all this talk about Manny the Jaguar and other cute boys was driving him to insanity. The line that best summed up how “hot” Manny was? It was when Gracie said, “He’s so hot I want to bake cookies on him!” First off, too much information! Secondly, Sonic gagged when she said it so dramatically, like she needed and wanted him. Thirdly, if you try and bake cookies on him, then the only things you would have would be a waste of good cookie dough and a sugary, sticky jaguar, neither of which seemed like a good idea.

He was having a hard time surviving this. He was used to living in a house of estrogen since he lived with three girls, but this was too much! They were getting their glittery makeup all over the living room rug, they could not and would not stop talking about Manny, and they would not shut up! Manny this! Manny that! Oh, they just called Manny the hottest thing ever for the 45th freaking time! Yes, he was keeping count! Sonic was extremely pissed off at Manny, even though he had not done anything wrong! He wanted to go to his house and beat up the poor sap up just because the girls would not shut up about him! It was either that, or Sonic would throw his head through the glass coffee table that was to his right. Both seemed satisfying to do at that moment if it meant that they would stop talking about him for only a minute.

“Girls,” he said in a weak and annoyed voice, “is there anything else that you can talk about besides boys?”

The six females looked at him as if he had lost his mind. “No!” Gracie screamed. “Boys are everything, dad! It’s a girl thing. You wouldn’t understand!”

“What I don’t understand is why you’re talking about how hot boys may or may not be! And especially at your age! You’re way too young to be thinking about this!”

“I am too old enough!” The other girls stayed silent as the father and daughter started to go at it. This was starting to get as good as a WWE pay-per-view!

“Gracie, you’re nine years old,” Sonic said flatly.


“No, you’ll be ten next week.” Sonic groaned. “Good grief! I’m arguing with my kid on when the appropriate age is for checking out boys for Pete’s sake!” The girls all chuckled at his realization. “But seriously, you can talk about anything else! The Packers, Eggman looking a fool, the over/under on the amount of times Knuckles yells at the twins tonight! Anything!

“What part of 'It’s a girl thing,' don’t you understand, Mr. Hedgehog?” Chloe asked.

Sonic groaned in defeat. There was no reasoning with these chicks. In a symbol of defeat, he turned away from them and grabbed his phone off the table. He scrolled through his social media platforms to see what was new in the world.

Let’s see,” he thought, “Saved the day, Spring Training in full swing—no pun intended, college basketball conference tournament upsets, politicians at each other’s throats, fangirls and fanboys sending me their fan-fictions of me, a crap-load of fangirls who want to get freak—. Oh, Chaos! This chick wants to—?! Chaos, I’m gonna be sick! What is your damage, lady?! Wait, is that even a—? Oh my! No! Nooooo! Oh, Chaos, why have you forsaken me?! Please tell me that’s not a…. Ugh… yeah, that’s what I thought it was. That’s a guy with big ol’ hairy man-boobs.

Sonic nearly puked up the lasagna that Amy made him for supper. As if the room was not messy enough from the girls’ makeovers, this would have been the icing on the cake. Jeez, if the girls were not ticking off Sonic enough, this internet psycho was! What he was suggesting… holy crap, I hope you do not have a weak stomach.

He could not put his phone down fast enough after that. When he tuned back into the land of the living, the TV was now showing some girly show that the girls were not even watching. But that was just the beginning as that they continued to talk about hot and cute boys in addition to making an even bigger mess of the glittery makeup on the living room rug. Sonic wanted to flip out when he saw them. The TV was on without anyone watching it—meaning the electric bill was going up, the girls had not changed their conversational topic of choice, and the mess was not getting any smaller anytime soon. The cherry on top was that Amy was supposed to be back about 30 minutes ago. All she was supposed to do was drop Swift and Kelly off at Knuckles and Rouge’s place. What was taking her so long?!

Sonic covered his face and groaned in agony. He had enough of this crap. He really did. He promised Amy that he would keep an eye on the girls, but this was too much for one man to do alone. There were two things that helped him take the edge off. The first one involved Amy with a few scented candles and a locked door, but she was not back yet, so that was out of the running. The other one was downstairs, and he made his way down there with his hands in a tight bind behind his head. He sighed heavily and groaned loudly, getting the attention of the girls as he stormed out of the room.

“What was that about?” Chloe asked.

Gracie replied, “Mom says that certain people can be really irritable at certain times and that it usually happens once a month. Maybe it’s my dad’s time of the month.”

Sonic heard that little tidbit, and it made him even more frustrated. “If that’s what Gracie thinks is happening, then what the hell are schools teaching nowadays?!

He quickly descended the staircase and clapped his hands to make the lights turn on. It was a quaint enough mancave for the blue hedgehog and his family. To his left was a refrigerator and the bar, which was filled with various drinks and liqueurs. To his right was his movie and sports memorabilia collection (of which his prized possession was a signed Paul Molitor Minnesota Twins jersey, which he had received from the hall-of-famer after saving the Twins’ manager from a fire in downtown St. Paul).

Ahead of the hedgehog were two beige couches that were perpendicular to one another, but faced the 60-inch TV in the corner. There was a table for each couch so that people could set down their food and drink. On the far wall were two doors. One was all the way down on the left side (the office/computer room) while the other was smackdab in the middle of the wall (Amy’s sewing room). What was situated between the doors was the item that would help Sonic blow off some steam since running was so important to him.

It was a modern marvel. It was not just any old treadmill that faced the TV. It was a highly supped-up treadmill that could allow the person operating it to walk at a slow, peaceful pace or run at speeds that would break the sound barrier. Unsurprisingly, the latter reason was what Sonic used it for more than anything else. It had been a “thank you” of sorts from the G.U.N. Commander after Sonic came along with Silver and Shadow to take care of a black-market deal that Eggman was running in England a little more than three years ago. The Commander had it personalized and customized to fit Sonic’s need for speed. This way, Sonic could run at high speeds from the comfort of his home. Even though he preferred running outside in the fresh air, this ensured that even on the crappiest of days (weather-related or otherwise), Sonic could still get his high octane running in and not get a case of cabin fever. Not only that, but whenever somebody ran on it, it would generate electricity for the house. Economical? Yes, but for that function to kick in, the runner would have to consistently stay running at a high speed, something that only Sonic or Shadow could do.

Sonic quickly stretched himself out and turned the machine on. It took a few seconds for it to get rolling, but when Sonic was warmed up, that meant that the treadmill was in for a workout.

In a flash, Sonic was already approaching 100 miles an hour, and he was not slowing down. 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300, 400 miles per hour! The sound barrier was roughly 767. Sonic did not want to break it because the moment that it would happen, the whole house would shake (not that it could not take the seismic shock), and he did not want to scare the hell out of the ladies upstairs, even if they deserved it.

Sonic kept running fast and faster. It was not long before he came up on 450 and then 500 miles per hour. When he was on this thing, he was back on the track in high school and college! He could envision the poor saps in the lanes beside him and blowing their doors off, setting new state and world records without breaking a sweat! He had no signs of slowing down in his mid-30s. In fact, he knew he was still getting faster. It was not that much of a stretch. He was in the prime of his life! He was in the best shape of his life! Amy cooked a good meal, but he would always burn it off in a flash!


The anger and frustration of the night’s festivities were getting taken out to pasture as Sonic dug deeper and deeper, trying to get back at them! Faster and faster and faster he went!



He was getting close to breaking the sound barrier. He might have been getting carried away since he was within spitting distance of it, but he showed no signs of stopping! He was determined! He was poised for it! He was a man on a mission!


No stock car could keep up with him! No black and red fake hedgehog could hold a candle to him! He was the Fastest Thing Alive! He was the greatest hero on Earth! He was a father and a husband!


He was Sonic the Hedgehog!

“Having fun, are we?”

Sonic nearly broke stride and fell over in surprise, but he regained his footing and began to slow down. Who managed to sneak up on him? The only woman who ever could, and she was holding a water bottle in her crossed arms.

“Oh,” he said, looking to the pink lass on his right. “Hey, babe. Just get in?”

“No, not exactly,” she said as she shook her head. “I got back about 30 minutes ago.”

“That so? Why didn’t you let me know sooner?”

“I tried, but you didn’t hear me over your running. You were in the zone.”

“I was? Yeesh, how long have I been running?” He looked at the clock. 10:19 p.m. “Jeez! Almost an hour?!”

“I can’t say I’m surprised,” she said in a deadpan voice. He noticed how unimpressed she looked.

“It’s what I do, babe. Something bothering you?”

She groaned. “Well, I got stuck talking to Rouge at her place. That’s why it took me so long to get back. We both had a coffee, and we were having a good time watching Knuckles try to nab Swift.”

Sonic chuckled. “Swift definitely takes after his old man,” he said proudly.

“Too much. But that’s not why I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed because some 9-year-old and her friends thought it was a good idea to break out the glitter and makeup and leave a lot of it on the rug!”

“I saw that they were doing that. I kinda figured you would not be happy.”

“Oh, I’m still not. I don’t want to chew out Gracie for making a mess of the house, but seriously, why the living room?! Why not make a mess in her bedroom?”

“Because that’d be too easy, and it wouldn’t get under your skin.”

“I didn’t ask for an answer, you smug son-of-a-gun,” she mildly hissed.

“Okay, okay, I get it. Rhetorical question. So, did you do anything about it?”

“Me? The only thing I did was make Gracie get the vacuum and clean it all up. Her friends weren’t happy that they had to clean up too.”

“Hey, they made the mess, they get to clean it up.”

“And then Gracie had the nerve to say that they should be having fun at a sleepover and not doing housework. I swear, she’s getting a serious attitude! Honestly, I don’t know which one of us she got it from.”

“And she wonders why we don’t allow her to go to more sleepovers.”

Amy laughed. “No crap. So, what’s got your panties in a twist?”

He shot her a confused look. “Huh?”

“Why’re you on the treadmill?”

“Can’t a guy stay in shape for his drop-dead gorgeous wife?”

“Yes, but that’s not why you’re on it. I saw the face you were making earlier. You looked like you were mad at something. Someone or something piss you off?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because I can tell when you’re running for fun and running to blow off steam.”

Sonic shot his wife a judging look. She wasn’t budging. She knew him too well.

He sighed. “I could only take so much of the girls. They wouldn’t stop with the makeup or talking about boys.”

“They’re girls, Sonic. It’s what they do.”

“Maybe, but talking about how hot they are? Don’t you think Gracie’s a little young for that?”

“I think that you don’t want your little girl to grow up,” she said in a tone that talked down to him.

“Oh, hush up,” he said quickly.

Amy smiled confidently. “I rest my case.”

“Whatever,” he said in a low tone. “What’re the girls doing now? Still cleaning?”

“No. After the discussion I had with them, I sent them to bed.”

“I just hope that ‘going to bed’ doesn’t mean that they talk loudly at 2 in the morning like last time.”

Amy groaned. “Don’t remind me. Neither of us got much sleep that night. But I think this time’ll be different considering that I didn’t mince words.”

“I know that feeling.”

Amy chuckled and walked up to the treadmill. “Are you getting off anytime soon?”

“Um… I can. Why?”

“After dealing with the girls, I’m the one who needs to wind down.”

“Hmm. And how do you plan on doing that?” he asked in a flirty tone.

“Get off this thing and clean yourself up. Then you’ll see. Besides, you look like you still need something to calm you down. I can help with that.”

Sonic chuckled, thinking of what that might entail. He turned off the machine and got off as it slowed and powered down. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Don’t take too long. And take this,” she said as she lobbed the water bottle to Sonic. He caught it and downed it in one hit.


“Don’t mention it.”

He zipped up the stairs and walked through the living room. He flipped on the light, and saw that, surprisingly, everything was cleaned up! The girls did a really good job! But why did it take Amy’s stern mouth to force the kids into action? Why couldn't they not be sweet, little girls and keep the place clean?

He went into the bathroom and was in and out of the shower before he knew it. He hated swimming, but he liked the feeling of warm water. Amy loved it, so he made sure to lightly dry himself off. With a small spritz of cologne, he zipped back downstairs. Amy was behind the bar with a pair of ice-filled mason jars, two cans of Coke, and a bottle on Tennessee whiskey. He chuckled as she poured the Jack all over the ice. It was followed by the natural flow of Atlanta’s favorite soda, and they mixed perfectly. But just to make sure that everything in the jars was up to snuff, she stuck a stirring stick into each jar.

When Sonic got to the bar, he rested his arm on the bar as Amy slid him his cocktail. “You make the best drinks.” He took a sip. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… refreshing.

“Come on,” she said as she grabbed her drink and made her way to the couch on the right. He sat down first, and she followed. They put the drinks down on the table as Amy snuggled in close and wrapped her arms around Sonic’s torso. She was right. This did help take the edge off. She even rubbed her head against his like she was a cat. She gave him a wink, and Sonic’s face went from pale to beet red in an instant. With a nervous smile, he grabbed his Jack and Coke and took a swig to cool himself down.

Though he was hot under the collar and a little nervous, he had nothing to fear. Amy was not interested in getting that busy. She just wanted to push her beau’s buttons a little bit and wind him up. She was such a tease, and he was so easy.

“Ease up, cowboy,” she said with a quick peck. “I’m just getting under your skin.”

Sonic sighed in relief. “Well, consider yourself under it.”

She took a quick whiff. “But I do appreciate the hint of cologne. Dark chocolate… my favorite~!”

He gave her a slick smirk and kissed her head. He grabbed her drink and offered it to her. She accepted it and took a large sip before easing into him again and locking her lips with his. The two felt an instant pleasure that caused them to wrap their arms tightly around each other. Amy’s arms were still around his chest. One of Sonic’s hands slid around her waist while the other cupped the back of her head and lightly forced her lips onto his, more than they already were. She was more than happy to oblige and throw him a bone.

The more they stayed like this, the better he felt. It was not just because this was his wife, who still looked like a knockout, even after three kids. All she did was please him to his heart’s content. Being a hero was stressful. She knew that. Dealing with a half-dozen preteens was even more stressful. That was why she willing to help him calm down and be his devoted wife. She was always going to be there for him.

Their slow make-out session stopped for the moment as they continued to lay on the loveseat, enjoying the couch’s and each other’s comfort. He began to rub her back, which sent a joyous feeling up her spine. She groaned lowly as he stroked her back slowly up and down. Up and down. Up… and down. Slower. Slower. She was putty in his hands. He had the touch of an angel. Soft and caring, but also firm and steady when necessary.

The two quickly finished their drinks and set both glasses back on the table. They did not bother to do anything else since they were so comfortable. The windows were all open, letting in the early summer air. The humidity was down, and the cool air seeped its way into the house. It was good sleeping weather, and Amy yawned as a result. Sonic noticed that and quickly got up, much to her dismay. She shot him an angry look, but softened when he came back with a soft, cozy blanket. They reassumed their previous positions as the brown blanket covered them nicely. She snuggled back into his soft, furry chest as he breathed slowly. The sound of his steady heartbeat began lulling her to sleep. So fuzzy… and so warm, just like when they first met.

Before nodding off, Sonic gave her a long, slow kiss to take in her strawberry scent and the taste of her drink. The drink was bitter, but he wanted more of it. But that would have to wait until morning as she backed away from the kiss and rested her head on his chest. She squeezed his body one more time, to which Sonic returned the favor by rubbing her back. With her soft snoring, that was his cue to stop and let his tired body do the same. 

Blowing Off Steam (SonAmy one-shot)
I thought I'd make something sweet and short for you guys while I'm still working on The Sonic Project. I'm only taking a few days off from writing that monster to write this. I do apologize for not being nearly as active with my stories as I should be, but sadly, thus is the life of a college student: a senior that's also dealing with an internship on top of that. That being said, I plan on The Sonic Project to be out sometime in May or June.

So this little one-shot is canon to my other one-shots, the only difference being that this story happens about 2.5 years after the events of "Deprived of Sleep." I really should make a story that focuses on Amy or Gracie in this AU, but that can wait for another day.

With all that said, thank you for reading, and do not hesitate to tell me your opinion of it! All characters with the exception of Gracie, Swift, and Kelly the Hedgehogs and Chloe the Vixen are the property of SEGA. The story is mine, and do not use without permission.

Until then, I’ll talk to you later.

EDIT: I found a boat-load of grammatical hiccups as I reread this. Every mistake I found was corrected. Sorry about the inconsistent grammar. I will try to do better next time.
Okay, I've got a story for you. So at midnight, I get a message from my sister that, as she was driving home for the night, hit a deer with her Challenger. She was parked at the BP in Ixonia, and wanted me and one of my parents to swing by. I wake up my mom, and we head out to the gas station and find my siste with one of her coworkers who stopped by to see what the hell happened. He leaves after a few minutes, so it's my sister, mom, and me waiting for a sheriff's deputy to come by and look at the damage (my sis is down one driver-side mirror and has some cosmetic damage on that side's door, but she herself is alright; can't say the same for the mountain of McDonald's bags which had fallen all over the passenger seat).

As we wait for the deputy, we heard some sort of loud yelping coming from the nearby cemetery (which only adds to the creepiness). It yelps for a few minutes, and we think nothing of it since it sounds like a cat got caught by a coyote, or maybe it was some other animal barking in the night. About 30 minutes later (at about almost 1 a.m.), the deputy strolls in (she had another call before she came, hence the deputy taking so long), and when she starts inspecting the car for damage, the yelping begins again. However, this time we hear, "HELP! PLEASE!" All of us shut up on the spot as the deputy drives away to check it out. Sure enough, there's a woman crying for help as she's on her knees in the ditch near the cemetery. The deputy helps the woman out and called for back-up to deal with my sister. After getting the woman a blanket and allowing her to warm up in the back seat of her squad car, the deputy drives away with the lady--not to the nearest hospital--but rather a subdivision near the Ixonia Bank building in town. My sis, mom, and I guessed that the woman was probably lost and/or drunk. To say that I feel bad for not helping her is the understatement of the freaking century. In my defense, it did sound like a young animal or a cat being pinned by a coyote.

Back to the rest of us at the gas station, a state patrolman rolls in and inspects the damage, my sis gives him her license and insurance, etc., etc., standard police officer stuff. My sis will be going tomorrow to check out the damage and make the insurance claim.

Now, all I can think about was 1. this all happened in one night (at midnight no less), and 2. this happened on my sister's 20th birthday. So happy [belated] birthday, sis. Your present? A night none of us will forget, and venison pre-tenderized.


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